Building the Future of Finance

Becoming the Next Generation Merchant Bank

DAG Global will be the next generation of merchant bank, taking deposits from and making loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and with a focus on banking cryptoasset companies.

DAG is currently applying to the UK regulators to obtain a full UK banking license. This will allow us to provide a full suite of classic products and services across fiat currencies (£, €, $) and cryptoasset classes.

Merchant Banking for the 21st Century

DAG intends to serve two significant underserved client sectors:

  • Cryptoasset companies: Cryptoasset companies struggle to find access to mainstream banking services. The estimated size of fiat deposits in the cryptoasset sector is $30 - $40 billion with no banks in the UK actively supporting this sector. 

  • UK SME market: There are 5.9 million SMEs in the UK with ~£2.5 trillion annual turnover. Yet there is a £22 billion funding gap for SMEs in the UK. 

Upon receipt of the appropriate regulatory approvals, DAG will initially focus on offering fiat deposit accounts to largely unbanked cryptoasset companies. Quickly thereafter, DAG will expand its services by providing fiat loans to underserved UK SMEs. ​In the long-term, DAG intends to expand its product offering to include the structuring of digital products such as digital debt and equity.

DAG's Mission

It is DAG’s mission to deliver merchant banking services to cryptoasset companies and UK SMEs – providing a robust digital banking platform using advanced technologies, facilitating cost-effective transactions within and across traditional currency and cryptoassets, by adhering to highest established standards of compliance and security. 

The Platform

DAG is setting up a robust digital platform built from well-known and tested technologies. DAG aims to be an enabler for supporting cryptoasset companies and SME banking needs, and to partner with existing technology providers to ensure a robust and dynamic platform built for service excellence. 

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