About DAG Global

The Story So Far

DAG Global is the world's first fully integrated financial services group bridging traditional fiat currency custody and trading with the emerging digital asset and cryptocurrency sector.

Once approved, we will provide banking services and solutions for fintechs, SMEs and digital asset businesses and facilitate entry into the emerging blockchain economy for existing regulated financial services firms. Lending and funding will be serviced through our own bank to be launched via the PRA mobilisation route. We also have an over-the-counter (OTC) platform for trading crypto as well as Quince Capital our family office direct investment platform curating independently valued deals in order to build an investment ecosystem.

DAG Global launched in March 2018 with a pledge to deliver digital merchant banking and is poised to secure a full banking licence by 2020 pending regulatory approval. We fuse the quality and service of traditional merchant banking with blockchain technology. We're linking banking practice to digital technology to deliver next-generation financial services - in a compliant, safe and secure way. 


In May 2018 we formed a joint venture with GMEX Group (GMEX), an established provider of services in financial markets, to work on a range of platforms, projects and initiatives within the Capital Markets sector.

The team comes from the regulated banking world combined with substantial technical expertise. That allows us to operate at the convergence of AI, data science, blockchain and the evolution of the crypto economy and financial industry. 

Why London

The City of London has perhaps the world's best opportunity to build a progressive and reputable ecosystem with its history as a world leader in banking and financial services and its position as Europe's foremost technology hub.

To build a successful blockchain ecosystem both IT and financial sectors are required. London is rare in that it has globally-recognised expertise and excellence in both - even in America this necessary expertise is split between the East and West Coast cities of New York and San Francisco.
Nowhere else will you find the depth and scale of financial services available alongside the tech innovation being incubated and encouraged than in London. We anticipate London will be a global digital asset hub by 2025. To that end, we published a state of the nation report with the UK Parliament APPG on Blockchain with the Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Ventures.


​DAG is progressing toward applying for a full UK Banking licence with the regulator with whom we are having on-going dialogue.

Once fully approved we will be authorised to take deposits and lend to clients.

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