Merchant Banking for the 21st Century

Fintechs, blockchain and crypto companies and SMEs are being underserved by existing banks which deem them higher risk. Meanwhile, the legacy structures of those banks make them slow to adjust their propositions to the demands of state and global regulatory frameworks: simply, they are not fit for tomorrow’s digital demands.

Our position is unique. We are an experienced team able to combine an understanding of classical banking practice and needs with the power of a digitised future. We are fusing technological advancements with the rigour you would expect from traditional banking in the world’s toughest regulatory environment – and are committed to leading the way in helping reform the rules needed for 21st Century banking and business.


We will provide a full suite of classic banking products and services across digital and fiat currencies and asset classes. These will include flexible accounts and access; cost-effective transaction banking; access to savings and lending products; the opportunity for clients to see and co-invest in projects; superior AML/KYC compliance exceeding current banking standards and a secure wallet structure.